A global team of Practice Coaches

Why practice coaches? PRO’s highly trained Practice Coaches are exactly who your people need to practice their communication skills with. They are professional actors who play a role, who are expert at giving specific and clear feedback; what's more, our truly international team can deliver your session in any language, and at any time.

Why Practice Coaches work

They become the character

Our Practice Coaches use their acting experience to skilfully play the character of the actual person that your team is going to talk with - reacting as that person would, making the situation feel entirely real.

Specific & immediate feedback

Our Practice Coaches are trained to observe and feedback on behaviour, tone and the words used during the session – and they will tell you how it felt. Now when do we ever get that sort of feedback?

Coaching to improve performance

As well as expert feedback, all our Practice Coaches can also provide effective improvement coaching to help the individual think about how they could better say what they need to say.

PRO works because of the people behind it.

With over 100 years of L&D experience, PRO has been developed by an expert team of L&D professionals who believe learning must never be a waste of time or money – for organisations or for individuals.

Give your business and team the boost they deserve. Without breaking the budget...

PRO offers you the ultimate training flexibility - any device, any language, any time. Book a demo session now.

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