Helping people say the right thing in the right way.

Who and what is PRO for?

  • A new manager who needs to prepare for that first feedback conversation
  • A Salesperson who needs to nail that negotiation
  • A senior manager who needs to challenge their client about their inappropriate behaviour
  • A new joiner who needs to speak up to their boss

If it’s important that you get this conversation right, wouldn’t it be better if you could rehearse it first?

That’s why we built our practice room platform and trained our brilliant Practice Coaches, so that you can practice and get feedback on those all-important work conversations before you have to have them in real.

At the end of just 1 hour of practice you will be more capable and more confident. So that you will ace it when you have the real conversation.

PRO lets you practise and get meaningful feedback on important work conversations, all in just 1 hour!


  • Your very own Practice Coach, a professionally-trained actor and coach who has years’ of experience in creating real-life environments – yes, one’s that don’t feel fake!.
  • Honest. empathetic feedback – not just on what you’re saying and how you’re saying it, but also on how you’re making the other person feel.
  • ‘Bring your own’ scenario or let us help you design one that’s tailored to your situation.

Want to know how you could be making this happen for your people right now?

Why not book a call with our Client Director Phil Allen and ask him to share with you how
PRO is making a massive difference for clients like Deloitte, New Balance and Rio Tinto.