Do your leaders need to become more effective?

When your team is brilliant at delivering technical solutions and solving customer problems, sometimes their focus on their role as a people manager comes second-place. But bringing them together to run yet another performance management course just won’t deliver the behavioural change that you need.

28 leaders in this business unit were offered two PRO sessions each.

The first session comprised a pre-written role play brief so leaders could practice a typical performance conversation – and gain feedback on the impact of their approach.

For the second session, each leader wrote a short personalised brief outlining a performance conversation they needed to have with a member of their team – and then rehearsed it with a Practice Coach, embedding learning from the first session and helping them to perform better.

Leaders reported a 35% increase in competence, a 29% increase in confidence, and a 30% increase in achieving a successful outcome to a performance conversation after a single PRO session. And they booked more PRO sessions to embed practice into their annual learning cycle.


Increase in competence


Increase in confidence


Increase in achieving a successful outcome to a performance conversation

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Is your performance management process driving real results?

This company knows that great career conversations keep people focussed and motivated. Team leaders know that too and have benefitted from excellent training and clearly signposted processes to aid regular development discussions with their teams. But getting the tone just right and inspiring and engaging your teams can be a challenge, even when you know what to do.

62 leaders in nine countries throughout the Asia Pacific region were each given a PRO session to practice an upcoming career conversation with a member of their team. Each leader wrote a short brief outlining the subject and desired outcome of the interaction and booked a session with one of PRO’s skilled Practice Coaches.

In the course of a private, hour-long practice session, the leader tried out their individual conversation, the Practice Coach took on the role and anticipated behaviours of their team member – and gave real time, individualised, constructive feedback.

Results from in-built metrics in the PRO platform show that leaders reported an increase in competence of 50% and in confidence of 40% after a single PRO session. They also gave the Practice Coaches an average rating of 4.8 / 5.


Increase in competence


Increase in confidence


Practice Coach rating

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Are you challenged with employee
engagement and retention?

When you have a terrific team of senior leaders who have engaged enthusiastically and positively in a series of workshops to develop their leadership coaching skills, they know exactly how to have great conversations to effectively motivate, influence and guide their team. But you know from previous experience that there is a gap between knowing and doing it back in the workplace. How do you bridge that gap?

Travis Perkins wanted a way to significantly increases the transfer and retention of learning from the classroom to the workplace. Practising with PRO took it a step further by personalising the practice for the learner, taking into account their individual experience, understanding and style.

As a follow-up to a series of in-house coaching workshops, over 50 director-level leaders were offered PRO sessions to practise their skills with a Practice Coach. The Directors were able to test out scenarios and conversations relevant to them, exploring how their own language, emotions and behaviour impact upon others in creating successful interactions. They received immediate, objective feedback from their Practice Coach enabling them to hone their skills and understand what works for them, in their own style.

Each learner received a recording of their session to support ongoing reflection and learning.

Leaders reported an average 26% increase in competence, 23% increase in confidence, and 24% increase in achieving a successful outcome to a performance conversation after their PRO sessions.


Increase in competence


Increase in confidence


Increase in achieving a successful outcome to a performance conversation

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