Give your people the support they’ve been craving


A ‘Safe Space’ to practise and get truly impactful feedback on high-stakes interpersonal interactions


It’s never been so easy to give your people personalised, live 1-1 simulations in any time-zone and in 12 different languages


With our dedicated platform practice can be booked and delivered quickly and easily


Your people can choose to practice the conversation they want to improve


Only a real person (like our Practice Coach) can tell you how you made them feel

Improve the impact of any development initiative.

After a day’s course, or a 2-hour e-learning intervention how much of that is then used in the workplace? Nowhere near enough!

With the simple addition of a 1-hour, 1-1 PRO Practice Session, you can significantly improve knowledge retention and increase behaviour change.

Your people can practice whatever conversation they choose, or you can design the key conversation that you need them to be better at.

Our Practice Coaches are actors who play the part you need and are expertly trained to give your leaders the feedback that no-one else will. They will then coach your people to perform better … Oh and they can do it in 12 different languages!

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It’s easy, choose when, where and how to run your practice session.

PRO is:

  • On-demand: An easy-to-use web-based platform.
  • Global: We cover all zones and 12 languages.
  • Safe: The session is fully secure and confidential.
  • Recordable: Watch it back again afterwards and continue to work on the Practice Coach’s feedback.

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