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Are you a new manager in a growing tech business? Are you faced with work conversations that no amount of corporate training can prepare you for?
Say hello to PRO - short for Practice Room Online.

We’ve built PRO especially for new managers in growing tech businesses. Whether you’re a new Head of Marketing giving team feedback or a new Engineering Manager needing to influence your Director of Product – PRO will let you practise and get feedback on those all-important work conversations, before you have to have them for real.

Master the conversations that matter


Get life-changing feedback in just 1 hour – all within what our customers call their ‘Safe Space’


Try out those all-important work conversations in a uniquely immersive environment


Instantly connect and collaborate with trained Practice Coaches – anytime, anywhere

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PRO lets you practise and get meaningful feedback on important work conversations, all in just 1 hour!


  • Your very own Practice Coach, a professionally-trained actor and coach who has years’ of experience in creating real-life environments – yes, ones that don’t feel fake!
  • Honest, empathetic feedback – not just on what you’re saying and how you’re saying it, but also on how you’re making the other person feel.
  • ‘Bring your own’ scenario or let us help you design one that’s tailored to your situation.
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Practice. Get feedback. Improve.All in just 1 hour

It's easy, You choose when, where and how to run your practice session.

PRO is:

1. On-demand. A web-based platform with an easy-to-use calendar feature.

2. Global. We cover multiple time zones and over 11 languages.

3. Safe. Your session is fully secure and confidential.

4. Recordable. So you can watch it back again afterwards and continue to work on your Practice Coach’s feedback.

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It's what people are calling...their 'Safe Space'

Stop wasting time on old-school training programmes!

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