PRO pricing

30 minute express

  • Short impact sessions to kick-start change
  • Designed for upcoming conversations on specific topics
  • Ideal for increasing self-awareness and motivation

£125 per session


60 minute session

  • In-depth, performance change session
  • 'Bring your own' scenario or choose a pre-prepared one
  • Ideal for quickly building capability and confidence

£185 per session



  • Sessions tailored to your company's development needs
  • Scenarios designed around the specific challenges you and your team are facing
  • Ideal for making learning stick

Need something more tailored?

Just get in touch and we'll be more than happy to work with you on designing a programme for your specific business needs.

Frequently asked questions...

How do I get started on PRO?

It’s very simple. Choose the package that will work best for your business. Then tell us how you want it to work – we can help you with that. We’ll get you onboarded, provide you with a link where your team members can book a session, and that’s it!

How do my team members book a session?

We’ll provide you with a link to our booking system as well as an email to contact our booking team. Your team members decide when and what type of conversation to practise. We book your Practice Coaches and set it all up.

How safe is the platform?

The platform is 100% secure and safe. Only your team member and the Practice Coach can join the session and each session ID is unique. Sessions can be recorded and they are stored securely on UK-based servers. Unless otherwise agreed, they are only viewable by your team member or by us for quality assurance purposes.

How are your Practice Coaches trained?

All our Coaches are trained actors who have worked in corporate environments for at least 3 years. They are highly skilled improvisors. We have trained them to give feedback in a powerful and objective way, as well as to ask simple coaching questions to help people unlock new ways of approaching work conversations.

What data can you give me?

We collect data on how confident and capable people feel before and after the session, as well as feedback on their experience. You can tailor these questions to fit your business needs and we’ll share this data back with you weekly.

Can I view the recordings?

You can, but we advise that you make sure your team members are fully aware that recordings will be viewed. Many of our clients prefer that only the team member sees the recording so they feel more at ease.

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