Why add practice?

Deliberate Practice is proven to:

Embed learning

Generate real behaviour change

Turbo-charge performance improvements

What is the PRO Deliberate Practice System?

Using our tried and tested methodology of 1:1 practice combined with formative feedback from a trained Practice Coach, we replicate real life scenarios in a safe and private space.

Individuals are free to try out the new theories and techniques your programme has taught them so that they become competent and confident with the new approaches as they return to the workplace.

And the system delivers reports and metrics which you can use to prove the ROI of your solution.

PRO for Partners

An established practice platform ready to bolt on or white label with selected training partners.

One to one practice sessions online, at scale, using our expert Practice Coaches.

A global team of Practice Coaches expert in facilitating a wide range of scenarios, available 24/7, in multiple languages.

No tech integrations required, the PRO platform can be accessed via any device, mobile or desktop.

Fully managed end-to-end delivery means no additional workload for partners, simply an added value benefit to existing programmes that generates income and turbo-charges results.

PRO can be utilised at any point during a programme, extending the client relationship with periodic follow up practice sessions.

PRO Performance Boost

What happens after your learning event ends?

After all the great work you've done in your training, PRO helps deliver that long term impact you and your client want to see. And because PRO manages the end to end delivery there's no additional workload for you to take on whilst you continue to add value to your client, boost results and generate income.

View a ‘real’ session in action

What does a session actually look like?

This video demo gives you a unique ‘fly on the wall’ viewpoint of a real-life session between an employee and a Practice Coach.

Witness the interaction, detail and tone of feedback and the powerful, actionable results that are achieved in this session.

17 min video

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