Whether you’ve just signed up to a PRO session or you’re wondering what’s involved before moving ahead, you may have some questions about how it all works. We’ve put together a short overview below so you know exactly what to expect from the team here at PRO.

Online practice room – what’s one of those?

First up, what exactly is an ‘online practice room’? We’ve gone into more detail on this over here, but in essence, it’s a virtual room – in Zoom or Google Meet for example – where you get the opportunity to practise a typical work conversation. 

Those conversations could be:

  • Giving feedback to a team member
  • Managing upwards
  • Negotiating a sale
  • Asking for a pay rise
  • Giving your boss feedback!

Getting a practice session set up is easy – this step-by-step guide explains everything you need to do about the scheduling process with our Booking Team, and then the session itself with your Practice Coach.

What does an online practice session look like?

There’s no better way to grasp what a PRO session looks like than by watching this video snapshot of an actual session. Just click play!

What is actually happening in the practice session?

The diagram below outlines how the methodology behind a PRO session actually works - it looks very official but in ‘practice’ it runs seamlessly, as you’ll have seen from the video demo above.

This step-by-step approach has been designed to set you up for success, to make sure you get enough time for both feedback and practice, and to ensure your learning from the session is really embedded in you for the next time.

Our team all come from an L&D background so we’ve refined how the session works over many, many years! 

The entire methodology we use is set up to ensure you get the most out of the 1-hour time slot with your Practice Coach. What’s more, your Practice Coach is a trained professional who will not only put you at ease, but will also make sure you know exactly how to improve in the next run, and after the session too.

You can check out some of our expert Practice Coaches and their bios. Also, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn to get a more personal insight into our Coaches!