Where do you go for your advice and practice?

Have you ever Googled ‘performance conversations’?

It’s amazing just how much advice is out there to help you structure and run your conversation.

And Google is one of the most common tools that managers use to swot up ahead of performance reviews and appraisals.

But after sifting through all this advice and content, the crucial question is - did it help?You probably found some good nuggets of information that you didn’t already know.But are you now ready and poised to start that Zoom call with Joe from Business Development?

Probably not, especially if you’re a new manager and this is the first, second, or even third review meeting you’re having.

So, take a step back and think – what would help?

What were you really looking for?

Where do you go to practise your upcoming performance conversations?

Appraisal guides and meeting checklists are all very well and good. In fact, they’re great at a quick refresher if it’s a few months since you ran your last performance review. They can also serve as good crib sheets to give you a confidence boost as you’re running the review meeting.

But what about actually practising the meeting ahead of time? 

Where do you normally go for a quick trial run to make sure what you’re saying is coming across in the best possible way?

Google can’t give you that. 

The majority of training programmes don’t even give you that.

And you don’t get feedback from a mirror either.

PRO, however, does. 

With 121 immersive sessions that let you practise and get feedback on upcoming performance reviews and appraisal meetings. All within a safe and secure environment, and trained Practice Coaches instead of your actual boss or colleague!

So now the crucial question is, what are you waiting for? 

Why not give PRO a go with a free mini session?

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