No faff. No extra software.
Just click and practice.

Book your room - get a link

Once you've booked a time slot, we'll do everything else. You'll receive an email with a calendar link, clear instructions and a link to your room.

Connect with your actor

Once you click through to your room, your actor will be there ready to introduce themselves, and begin your private practice session. You can request a recording at any time should you wish.

Get your immediate feedback

Once your session has finished the trainer will provide you with immediate summary feedback (as well as any real-time feedback throughout the session). You can have this sent to you as a report.

Practice works. So does PRO.

Full comaptibility

With PRO there is no software download required - it is web-based software, compatible with all modern browsers and available on all devices.

Recordings available

Your session will can be recorded, you will see a notification on your image if so. Recordings are kept for 7 days before being deleted from our servers.

Fully customisable

You get to set the brief beforehand for you session, or we can write one for you based on your learning needs. You can also choose any time and any language.

Live chat & support

There is a live messaging feature within your room that allows for chat if there is an interruption or any issues during the session.

Documents access

All of your documents are also available in the room - so any of your briefing docs. can be viewed without having to leave your session.

Full tech support

You can fully test your web camera and microphone prior to your slot, and we are on hand to answer any queries at this point, so as not to disrupt the session.

Life's not a rehearsal

Luckily this is.

Some conversations are too important to have just once. That's why PRO provides a safe environment for your team to make sure that when the time comes for the real thing, they're as prepared as they can be.

Practice your crucial conversations with PRO.

Get a Room

The people behind PRO.

With over 100 years of L&D experience, PRO has been developed by an expert team of L&D professionals who believe learning must never be a waste of time or money – for organisations or for individuals.

You choose how. You choose when. You choose where.

Book a demo

PRO offers you the ultimate training flexibility - any device, any language, any time. Book a demo session now.

No faff. No extra software.
Just click and practice.

Book your room

Once you have your company credits, simply get in touch to arrange your practice room. There's a simple form to fill out that covers all of the details and allows you to brief us.

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Get your room link

Once booked, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your PRO session, along with any briefing documents and a short trouble shooting guide.

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Click to join your room

Your actor will introduce themselves, take a few minutes to discuss how the session will unfold, check your learning needs and preferences, and clarify any questions you have. Then you're off!

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